Objects are changing

Railway stations, airports and other infrastructural objects have changed tremendously over the last years. Taking the once purely functional construction as a starting point those buildings have experienced a massive phase of emotionalization. No important railway station, no airport nowadays comes without its shopping area. Cinemas or other places where people gather are not a rarity at such locations anymore. On the one hand this development increases the fire load and on the other it brings together larger crowds in smaller spaces. Today video surveillance and intrusion protection concepts are standard in railway stations.

Alarm organization takes on areas where many people gather. In order to run the alarm organization and the subsequent evacuation in a systematic way, a software-supported, central information management is required. In airports it is extremely important to have the acoustic signaling in several languages as well as smoke extraction from the corridors.

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Case Studies
Tunnel Safety Solutions
Tunnels are among the most demanding environments for fire safety technology, and require careful planning and rigorous testing before commissioning.This case study provides you with more detailes on how Honeywell addressed the tunnel safety issues  and eventually came up with the feasible solutions.


Prague Subway, Czech Republic
Safely on your way: Complex fire protection concept in the Prague subway system

Global References - Fire Detection

Linear Heat Detector Honeywell DTS (Distributed Temperature Sensing) is manufactured by the company AP Sensing. The DTS system was successfully realized in many projects worldwide, have a look at the impressive list here.