Optical alarm signaling device, amber flash, red housing


As CWST-WA-S7 but in a red housing.
All tones comply with EN 54-3. Tone configuration takes place via a 6-pin DIP switch. The optical signaling device with amber signal lamp is suitable for applications where a sounder is required as the primary method of alarm, but a supplementary light indicator would also be of benefit.

Additional Information:
Not suitable for use outdoors or in damp areas. Please use therefore the optional bases and accessories (Part No. CWR, PS188, PS189).

Type of protection IP21C, IP65 with CWR and accessories
PC, UL94-V0 (Lens)
Color base: red, similar RAL 3020
cap: amber
  • CWR Base deep IP 65, red
  • PS188 Base deep, O-Ring
  • PS189 Base deep, seal