OTG multisensor (CO) IQ8Quad


Approval: VdS

Multisensor fire detector with integrated smoke detector, heat detector and gas sensor (CO) for preventive and early detection of fires ranging from smoldering fires to open fires through combined evaluation of scattered light, temperature and gas. An alarm is actuated at carbon monoxide (CO) concentration levels that are life-threatening for humans. The detector is provided with an integrated isolator. A parallel detector indicator can be connected. Gas sensor (CO) helps to detect fire alarms, but can additionally serve to signal technical alarm when concentration exceeds safe value without fire situation.
Additional Information:
In the course of installation, we recommend testing the integrated CO sensor with our CO test gas (Part No. 805583) or CO capsule (Part No. 805553).
Durability CO sensor: approx. 5 years
Technical alarm range CO: 10 ppm … 150 ppm

Gas sensors (CO) mainly react to the carbon monoxide arising from a fire (CO). They have, however, also a cross sensitivity to other gases, as for example hydrogen (H2), acetylene (C2H2) or nitric oxide (NO).

Special marking for gas detector on the light pipe: gold ring.

Scope of Delivery:

Detector base is not supplied as standard
Alarm current w/o communication curtainapprox. 18 mA
Application temperature-20 °C ... 50 °C
Operating voltage8 ... 42 V DC
CO alarmapprox. 100 ppm
CO pre-alarmapprox. 75 ppm
Colorwhite, similar to RAL 9010
Weight gapprox. 110 g
Storage temperature-25 °C ... 75 °C
Air velocity0 ... 25.4 m/s
MaterialABS plastic
Detector specificationEN 54-7/-5 A2 /-17, CEA 4021
Air humidity< 95 % (non-condensing)
Quiescent current @ 19 V DCapprox. 65 μA
Quiescent current @ FACP batteryapprox. 225 μA @ 27,5 V; approx. 360 μA @ 42 V
Type of protectionIP43 (with base + option)
Area to be monitoredmax. 110 m²
Height to be monitoredmax. 12 m
VdS classF
VdS-NrG 205072
Dimensionsø: 117 mm H: 49 mm (62 mm incl. base)
  • 767800 Mounting bracket
  • 805590 Standard detector base for IQ8Quad
  • 805591 Detector base with relay contact for IQ8Quad