esserbus/esserbus-PLus module for FlexES Control


Module in plastic protective housing for connection of an esserbus / esserbus-PLus loop. Mixed operation of esserbus and esserbus-PLus is possible in a fire alarm panel. Up to 18 loops can be realized depending on the extension of the alarm panel and/or on the number of available module slots.

Up to four modules without galvanic isolation can be used in the fire alarm panel. If more than 4 loop modules are used in a panel, modules with galvanic isolation (GI) are necessary to be used from the fifth loop module onwards. Mixed operation of the modules with/without galvanic separation within one control panel is easily possible. Modules are locked mechanically w/o screws in the slots. Hot plugging and automatic recognition of modules by Plug & Play makes start-up and maintenance easy to handle.

  • For a maximum of 127 devices (IQ8Quad intelligent fire detectors, MCPs, detector series 9200, esserbus transponder or loop-powered signaling devices)
  • Loop length up to 3.5 km
  • Support of wireless components
  • Permanent monitoring of all active detectors, transponders and alarm signaling devices
  • Monitoring of the loops for short circuit, wire break and disturbances
  • Quick reactivation of the bus-powered signaling devices after short circuiting in compliance with EN 54-13
  • Plastic protective housing with LED displays for fast indication of operating status
  • Integrated isolators for two-way line protection in the event of a short circuit
Operating voltage 24 V DC
Weight g approx. 110 g
Quiescent current approx. 17 mA
Dimensions W: 27 mm H: 93 mm D: 112 mm