Power supply extension 24 V / 26 Ah


Additional power supply for extension of the power supply in basic control panel set. The ​power supply extension supplements the existing panel power supply with an additional ​150 W via a plug-in line connection. There is space for two 12 V / 26 Ah batteries on the ​bottom of the housing. Two additional 26 Ah batteries can be connected with an extra ​housing (Part No. FX808313). Additional components can be mounted onto top-hat rails in ​the power supply housing.
Additional Information:
Optional units:
(Part No. 018006) battery, maximum 2 x 12 V / 24 Ah (24 V / 26 Ah)
(Part No. FX808313) battery extension housing for 2 x 12 V / 26 Ah
Only the same types of battery (manufacturer, date of manufacture, capacity, and charge) may ​be connected to the power supply module.
Cascading details are mentioned in the technical manual Part No. included in accessories.

Scope of Delivery:
Set includes:
1 x housing rear panel 1
1 x housing frame,
1 x battery holders for 2 x 24 V / 26 Ah (incl. PS connection module, connecting cable 0.6 m),
1 x power supply module 24 V DC / 150 W
1 x neutral front and 1 x plug-in connection cable.

1 x set air filter

Battery capacity2 x 12 V / 26 Ah (max. 4 x 12 V 26 Ah)
Output voltage24 V DC
Output currentmax.6 A
Colorgray, similar to Pantone 538
HousingABS, 10% glass fiber reinforced, V - 0
Weight kg approx. 10.3 kg
Storage temperature-10 °C ... 50 °C
Rated frequency50 ... 60 Hz
Rated voltage VAC230 V AC
Rated current0.8 A
Air humidity< 95 % (non-condensing)
Type of protectionIP 30
Current consumption for ext. devices3 A
Ambient temperature-5 °C ... 45 °C
DimensionsW: 450 mm H: 640 mm D: 185 mm
  • FX808330 3-way plug
  • FX808455 Cable power supply cascading 2,5 m