Starter kit equipment PLus with programming software tools 8000


Complete package for programming the FACP 8007, 8000 C/M, 8008, Gateway, ABIGA IQ8Control and FlexES Control via PC or Notebook.
Additional Information:
The field bus interface is used as a programming interface between the FACP and the PC/notebook.
Furthermore, the field bus interface facilitates the direct connection of a ring bus to the convenient monitoring of a finished installation and the elimination of possible cabling mistakes.

Scope of Delivery:
789861 Programming software for System 8000 and IQ8Control
789862.10 Field bus and control panel interface PLus
789863 USB cable
789864 Serial connecting cable
  • BME2Z002 Switched-mode power supply with cylindrical plug
  • 789866 USB programming cable for extinguishing panel 8010