Programming software tools 8000


Convenient Windows programming software CD for programming the fire alarm panels belonging in series 8000 C/M, 8008, IQ8Control, FlexES Control, Gateway and extended supplementary text in 1/4 VGA display.

Available Languages:
Czech, Danish, English, Frensh, German, Hungerian, Italian, Slovakian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Russian.

For programming, the (Part No. 789862.10) field bus interface is required.

One software for all panels:
  • Start-up
  • Programming
  • Loop diagnosis
  • Maintenance software
Additional Information:
  • FACP 8000 C/M, FACP 8008, IQ8Control C/M, FlexES Control or ECP 8010 as of software version V2.20
  • PC/Notebook as of Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 but no Windows NT (no USB support)
  • Recommended configuration: 512 MB RAM, 500 MHz CPU
  • This software is also used for the LCD panels 7851xx