FACP IQ8Control C


Approval:VdS, CNBOP, BOSEC

Basic design.
  • Max. two micromodules (system supports up to 254 digital loop addresses in total)
  • Max. two esserbus analog loop modules
  • Short circuit and open circuit resistant loop operation
  • Loop installation with I-Y(ST)Y 0.8 mm cable for a maximum length of 3,5 km
  • Up to 127 esserbus devices (fire detectors respectively manual call points)/detector zones per loop
  • Up to 32 esserbus transponders per loop/operation of wireless components (see chapter 10)
  • Operation types TM and PM as per DIN VDE 0833 - 2 to avoid unwanted alarms being triggered
  • Fire brigade operating panel and alarm transmission unit interface on the peripheral module
  • Three common relays, freely programmable, monitored, floating for up to 24 V DC/1A (on the peripheral module)
  • TTY or RS 485, RS 232 interface
  • Intergration in the short circuit and open circuit resistant essernet network with up to 31 fire detection panels depends on transmission rate
  • Connection to graphical supervisor WINMAG via serial essernet interface (SET)
  • Operating panel with alphanumerical display
  • Large LCD display with 8 rows x 40 characters
  • Event memory for up to 10,000 events
  • All System 8000 micromodules are compatible
  • Printer interface for internal printer
  • Two batteries with monitoring circuit
  • Monitored input for external power supply unit

Additional features for powered loop
  • Max. two analog powered loop modules (System supports up to 254 digital loop addresses in total)
  • BUS powered, synchronously controlled, acoustic alarm signaling devices as per DIN EN 54-3 with alarm tone as per DIN 33404
  • Up to 48 powered loop base sounders (series 9200) per loop
  • Up to 32 powered loop IQ8Alarm per loop
  • Up to 48 IQ8Quad with alarm device per loop

Additional Information:
The operating front must be ordered separately and is not included in the price.

Scope of Delivery:

Housing with standard rear panel and front frame for operating panel fronts, interface board, power supply module, system software.
Color gray similar to Pantone 538
Housing ABS, 10 % glass fiber reinforced, V - 0
Weight approx. 6.5 kg
Storage temperature -5 °C ... 50 °C
Rated frequency 50 ... 60 Hz
Rated voltage
230 V AC
Rated current 0.35 A (standard); 0.7 A (powered loop)
Air humidity < 95 % (non-condensing)
Quiescent current approx. 215 mA (basic configuration without operating unit)
approx. 230 mA (basic configuration with operating unit)
Type of protection IP30
Current consumption for ext. devices 2 A
Ambient temperature -5 °C ... 45 °C
VdS-Nr G 205129
Battery capacity 2 x 12 Ah, 2 x 24 Ah in extension housing
Declaration of Performance DoP-20827130701