MPG DP35000

on request

The Multiprotocol Gateway DP35000 is suitable for usage in large objects. The maximum ​number of detection points is 23,000 indicating and 14,000 indicating and switching. One ​fire detector counts here as a detection point. This device is constructed for upright ​cabinets with 19” slide-in unit and requires 4 rack units of free space for mounting.


  • 2 x RS232 9-pol
  • 1 x RJ45 100/10 Base-T
  • 4 x USB
  • CPU: Intel PIII 1100MHz MMX™
  • RAM: 256MB SDRAM
  • Memory: 64MB non-volatile medium (Flash)
  • Operating system: QNX

Additional Information
Integrated power supply

Scope of Delivery
Multiprotocol Gateway, cross-over data cable, serial connector cable

Rated Voltage
230 V AC (power supply)
Rated Frequency
50 ... 60 Hz (power supply)
Display Power LED and status LED
Power consumption
300 W
Output current
2,5 A (power supply)
Ambient temperature
0 °C ... 45 °C
Mounting 19" slide-in unit
Air humidity
20% to 80%, non-condensing
Weight approx. 8000 g
Dimensions W: 483 mm H: 178 mm D: 281 mm