Venturi air duct housing for IQ8Quad OTblue-LKM (802379)


Ventilation air duct housing for usage of the OTblue-LKM Part No. 802379 air duct smoke detector in combination with Venturi tubes Part No. 781446, 781447 or 781448. The housing is mounted on the outside of the air ducts. The Venturi tube enters the duct and leads the air out of the duct through the detection chamber of the detector back to the tube and finally back into the duct. During operation, the detector and the alarm LED is visible so that an external parallel detector indicator is not required.
The housing need not be opened for maintenance purposes. Inspection of the detector is performed quickly and easily via a separate opening in the front of the housing.
  • Single-tube air analysis system based on the Venturi principle
  • Optimum utilization of air flow velocity through new Venturi tube design
  • Integrated maintenance opening in the front cover so that air duct smoke detector can be tested
  • Suitable for air duct widths from 0.6 to 2.8 m
  • Integrated air flow display

Scope of Delivery:

Construction kit includes pipe gasket and cap. The following items are not included: IQ8Quad OTblue LKM or detector base as well as the Venturi tube.
Approval typeVdS
HousingABS plastic
Weight gapprox. 800 g
Width of the vent140 to 2700 mm
Type of protectionIP 54
DimensionsW: 180 mm H: 235 mm D: 183 mm