ASD FAAST LT-200 EB, single channel


FAAST LT-200 EB detector is an active early smoke detection system. Equipped with newly designed IR-LED detection chamber inside and ultrasonic flow monitoring. This variant is a single channel device with the possibility to have up to two tubes. FAAST LT-200 EB has a pre-configured transponder which enables direct connection to the esserbus loop.

  • 1 independent detection chamber w. individual IR-LED smoke detector, fan, filter, sensor and monitor
  • 1 channel system for connection of max. 2 pipes per channel
  • Build-in and pre-configured esserbus transponder
  • High sensitivity IR-LED fire detection for highest protection level
  • 9 sensitivity levels from 0.07 % to 0.66 % obs/m
  • Fault indicators provide a broad spectrum of events
  • PipelQ SW for programming pipe layout, system configuration and ongoing system monitoring
  • Simple LED overview with detailed fault status display
  • Unique air flow pendulum graph verifies pipe network functionality
  • 10 adjustable fan levels
  • Advanced detection algorithms reject common nuisance conditions
  • Automatically adjusts to current environmental conditions to reduce nuisance alarms, Acclimate mode
  • Event Log stores up to 2.240 events
  • Ultrasonic and electronic sensing for pipe and chamber air flow measurement
  • USB interface
  • Easy access to filter(s) and sensor(s)

Additional Information:
24 language foils are included

Alarm current @ 24 V DC approx. 480 mA
Operating voltage 18.5 ... 28 V DC
Operation sound level
26 dB (A) (fan level 1)
Coverage area
max. 1600 m²
Quiescent current @ 24 V DC approx. 182 mA
Max. single pipe length
100 m
Max. total branched pipe length
160 m (per channel)
Ambient temperature -10 °C ... +50 °C
Max. air inlet holes
Aspirated air temperature -20 °C ... +55 °C
Air humidity 10 ... 95 % (non-condensing)
Type of protection
Plastic (ABS)
Color black
EN 54-20, Class A,B, C
W: 356 mm H: 403 mm D: 135 mm
Declaration of Performance DOP-ASP034
  • FL-IF-6 Replacement integral filter
  • F-INF-25 FAAST external pipe filter
  • F-INF-25-RF FAAST external filter replacement pack, 4 pcs.

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