Three-channel infrared flame detector UniVario


Approval: G 211041

UniVario three-channel IR flame detector for recognition of quickly developing fires with flame development. Optical windows of the IR sensors are fully monitored. The detector achieves a high level of resistance towards disturbance variables via three-channel infrared evaluation. Voltage supply and connection occur directly via the standard detector zone at the esserbus transponder (Part No. 808623.10). The detector is also reset directly via the same esserbus transponder.

  • Direct linking and voltage supply via standard detector group at the esserbus transponder (Part No. 808623.10)
  • Base installation and alignment via mounting bracket (Part No. 783312)
  • 3-channel infrared flame detector
  • High level of protection against disturbance variables thanks to optimized hardware and development of special algorithms
  • Maximum level of response sensitivity according to EN54-10, Class 1
  • Each optical channel has separate functional monitoring
  • Easy testing with magnet via integrated reed switch
Additional Information:
Detector base and mounting bracket are not supplied!
Alarm current @ 9 V DC typ. 21,8 mA
Operating voltage 9 V DC
Color red, similar to RAL 3000
Housing Die cast aluminum
Weight g approx. 991 g (incl. base and bracket)
Storage temperature -40 °C ... 85 °C
Air humidity 0 ... 95 % (non-condensing)
Quiescent current approx. 3.5 mA
Type of protection IP67
Area to be monitored max. 676 m²
Height to be monitored max. 45 m
Ambient temperature -20 °C ... 80 °C
Dimensions W: 130 mm H: 140 mm D: 92 mm
Declaration of Performance DoP-21055130701