Plastic clamp set (100 pc.) - dowels in stainless steel


Self-locking plastic cable clamps with stainless steel dowel, ideal for installation on concrete walls and ceilings. With this mounting solution the sensor cable is fast and securely installed. This plastic cable clamp provides excellent resistance against corrosive and chemical atmospheres as well as an uncritical characteristic relating to fire (halogen free). The plastic cable clamp in combination with the metal free cable is especially suitable for use in rail tunnels where metal free components are often required.
To fix the clamps on the concrete a special concrete dowel type is used. The metal dowel is an anchor made of steel, which is placed into a drilled hole and anchored by deformation-controlled expansion. The anchor may be deployed in structures subject to dry internal conditions and also in structures subject to external atmospheric exposure in humid internal conditions or in other particular aggressive conditions e.g. immersion in seawater, chloride atmosphere or atmosphere with chemical pollution (e.g. in desulphurization plants or road tunnels where de-icing materials are used).

Scope of Delivery:
100 x steel clamps

100 x dowels
1 x SDS drill

Color dark grey, similar to RAL 7001(clamp)
Material stainless steel (dowel)
Type K6 x 30/15
Ambient temperature -40 °C ... 110 °C
Dimensions ø: 6 mm L: 51 mm (metal dowel)

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