OSID Imager - 7° coverage


Approval: G211072

Imager for use with OSID emitter (Part No.: OSE-SP, OSE-SPW, OSE-HPW).

Image sensor / receiver for smoke detection for open spaces, evaluation. Two light sources (IR and UV), optical filters, high-speed image capture and intelligent software algorithms to increase the noise immunity and safety from erroneous / false alarms, 1 light source can be connected, via sensors and DIP switch individually configurable.

  • Field of view coverage: horizontal 7°, vertical 4°
Weight g approx. 651 g
Current consumption @ 24 V DC approx. 4 mA @ 1 imager, 7 mA @ 7 imager
  • OSID-INST OSID Installation Kit
  • OSE-SP Emitter - Standard Power, battery version
  • OSE-SPW Emitter - Standard Power, wired at 24 V DC
  • OSE-HPW Emitter - High Power, wired at 24 V DC