OVP module including base support for 230 V power supply line


Two-pin surge protector comprising base element and protection module, with potential-free telecommunications contact for independent fault forwarding.
Additional Information:
Low resistance ground connection is a must for proper surge protection functioning.

Scope of Delivery:
Base element and connected protection module
Response time [L/N-PE] ≤ 100 ns
Response time [L-N] ≤ 25 ns
Approval type UL, VdS
Total discharge current (8/20) [L+N-PE] 5 kA
max. cont. operating voltage a.c. 255 V AC
max. cont. operating voltage d.c. 255 V DC
Combined impulse 6 kV
Combined impulse [L+N-PE] 10 kV
Nominal load current a.c. 25 A
Rated voltage VAC 230 V AC
Air humidity < 95 % (non-condensing)
Type of protection IP 20
Voltage protection level [L/N-PE] ≤ 1500 V
Voltage protection level [L-N] ≤ 1250 V
Ambient temperature -40 °C ... 85 °C