FOC converter for essernet®, single mode


The FOC converter is used to convert electrical into optical signals for reliable data communication under critical conditions e.g. where conventional copper cables are not suitable. Mixed operation of fibre optical and conventional wiring within a common network is possible. Depending on the optical cable type and the related damping the distance between two FACPs may be up to 22 kilometers.

Additional Information

  • Two mono or multi-mode fibres are required per network section.
  • The fibres must be connected without break directly to each other (not via a multiplexer).
  • At least one essernet®-micro module and one FOC converter per Fire Alarm Control Panel is required for a FOC network wiring
  • Max. 16 FOC connections per essernet® network at a transfer rate of 62.5 KBd.
  • Max. 20 FOC connections per essernett® network at a transfer rate of 500 KBd.
  • This converter allows a redundant essernet connection via FO

Fibre optics type and absorbatbility
E 10/125 (0,5 dB/km) = 0 - 22 km / 13 dB G 50/125 (1,0 dB/km) = 0 - 16 km / 18 dB