8000 FACP remote Serial essernet interface


The serial essernet interface (SEI) is a router with internal RS 485 interface for interfacing an 8000, IQ8Control or FlexES fire alarm panel over relatively large distances e.g. subnetworks. Information from the connected fire alarm panel is received via a router/router link and made available in the host essernet. Whereat the first SEI is connected as Master and the second SEI as Slave. It has a slot for an essernet loop module and is thus an integral device in the short circuit and open circuit resistant essernet. For remote function, you can use the integrated RS 485 interface.
• RS 485 interface on board for a max. length of 1,000 m

Additional Information:
The essernet micromodule and the interface module are not included and must be ordered separately, depending on the type of essernet and the serial transmission mode.

Scope of Delivery:
770432 SEI setup
  • 788606 Housing kit
  • 772386 Interface-module RS 232/V 24
  • 772387 Interface-module TTY/CL 20 mA
  • 784840.10 essernet micromodule (62.5 kBd)
  • 784841.10 essernet micromodule (500 kBd)