esserbus FSA transponder for fire doors


Approval: VdS

The transponder is suitable for usage for various applications: in stand-alone operation or on the esserbus. In esserbus operation, the Series 9200 automatic fire detectors and those of the IQ8Quad family (see features for types) can be used as detectors in door arrester systems (FSA - Fire, Failure and Shut-Off). In FSA transponder loop operation, the door arrester system status is indicated on the fire alarm control panel.

For stand-alone operation, detectors of the IQ8Quad family are supported without loop isolator (see features for types).

For operation, the transponder requires an external supply voltage. It is possible to monitor this voltage.
  • Only one loop address is needed per transponder
  • Usage of series 9200 intelligent detectors (such as OT, OTI, O²T detectors) as FSA detectors is possible
  • Connection of IQ8Quad O detectors (Part No. 802371), TD Detectors (Part No. 802271), OT detectors (Part No. 802373) and O²T detectors (Part No. 802374) (DIBt-approved) as FSA detectors is possible
  • FSA detectors programmable as devices in the loop
  • Status indicator of door arrester system to the FACP
  • Actuation of the locking device also via the automatic fire detectors in non-FSA operation
  • Stand-alone operation of the FSA transponders is possible
  • Usage of IQ8Quad O detectors (Part No. 803371), TD detectors (Part No. 803271) and O²T detectors (Part No. 803374) in stand-alone operation of the FSA transponders to the standard detector group is possible
  • Max. 100 transponders per FACP
  • Max. 32 transponders per analog loop
  • Max. 127 detector zones per analog loop
  • Detector numbers per zone input of the transponder:
  • Max. 30 conventional detectors (without SOC)
  • Max. 10 conventional detectors (with SOC)
  • Max. 10 Manual call points
  • Max. 10 Technical Alarm Modules (TAM/TAL)

Additional Information:

Corresponding connection examples for FSA transponder operation in stand-alone operation or as a device in the fire detection System 8000 can be found in the chapter containing automatic door release systems.
Operating voltage 10 ... 28 V DC
Weight g approx. 70 g
Contact load relay max. 30 V DC/1 A or 48 V DC/0,5 A
Storage temperature -25 °C ... 75 °C
Air humidity < 95 % (non-condensing)
Relay monitoring 10 kΩ ±40%
Quiescent current @ 12 V DC approx. 6 mA (from UB ext)
Type of protection IP 40 (with housing)
Current consumption max. 28 mA (from UB ext)
Ambient temperature -5 °C ... 50 °C
VdS class F
VdS-Nr G 206042
Dimensions W: 72 mm H: 65 mm D: 20 mm (PC Board)
  • 788612 Loop isolator PCB
  • 788603.10 Module housing for C-mounting bar or top hat rail mounting
  • 788600 Housing surface mount, gray
  • 788650.10 Housing surface mount, white
  • 788601 Housing flush mount, gray
  • 788651.10 Housing flush mount, white
  • 808625 EOL-Z