Refurbishment zone transponder RZT 8000


Approval: VdS

The refurbishment zone transponder is a stand-alone participant on the esserbus for the fire alarm system 8000, IQ8Control and FlexES Control fire alarm control panels. Individual automatic fire detectors and manual call points (conventional technology) from other manufacturers can be connected to the 4 zone inputs. The voltage of all 4 zones can be configured to 24 V via the internal DC/DC module. An additional reset module is not required to operate third-party detectors.

The two relay outputs are available for general control purposes.
  • For connection of 3rd party detectors
  • Only one loop address is needed per transponder
  • Max. 100 transponders per FACP
  • Max. 31 transponders per loop
  • Max. 32 transponders per detector zone
Additional Information:
Whether or not a connection is possible must be individually checked in advance by the technical sales department.
Operating voltage 10.5 ... 15 V DC
Weight g approx. 150 g
Contact load relay max. 30 V DC/1 A or 48 V DC/0,5 A
Storage temperature -25 °C ... 75 °C
Detector zone current max. 125 mA
Air humidity < 95 % (non-condensing)
Relay monitoring 10 kΩ ±40%
Current consumption max. 1.250 mA
Ambient temperature -10 °C ... 50 °C
VdS class F
VdS-Nr G 207098
Dimensions W: 150 mm H: 82 mm D: 20 mm
  • 788612 Loop isolator PCB
  • 788600 Housing surface mount, gray
  • 788601 Housing flush mount, gray
  • 788650.10 Housing surface mount, white
  • 788651.10 Housing flush mount, white
  • 788605 Mounting kit
  • 788655 High IP housing base
  • 788656 High IP housing