WINMAGLite with USB dongle


WINMAGLite is a cost effective first step to hazard detection systems management. Ease of operability as well as pre-defined, practical central control panel and detection point types facilitate the commissioning and operation of WINMAGLite.

WINMAGLite is perfect for small systems for which no expansions or connection of further hazard detection control panels are planned in the near future. Thus, the Lite version is perfectly suitable for a broad range of applications, even for WINMAG professionals.

Especially small objects can be professionally secured due to a combination of a hazard detection system with the Honeywell video management systems of Honeywell VisiOprime. WINMAGLite provides the user with almost all basic WINMAG functions. Unlike the full version, this version can initially connect only one hazard detection central control panel.

The user has access to pre-defined programs which can automatically be adapted via a text editor to the specific situation on site. The alarm stack which was implemented in previous WINMAG versions has been replaced by symbols displayed in the top bar which indicate alarms. The new feature improves overall clarity so that the user can react more quickly in the case of an alarm.
  • Cost-effective management software for hazard detection systems
  • Visualizing and controlling of only one hazard detection central control panel (FDS, VAPA, IDS, RRT, AC)
  • Visualizing and controlling of VisiOprime or Fusion video management systems
  • Management of up to 500 detection points
  • Processing of up to 100 status reports per second
  • Processing of up to 100 macro processes
  • Connection of log and alarm printers
  • Information display via monitor and/or printer (Windows standard printer)
  • Adjustable program background
  • Flexible, window-oriented graphics
  • Display and location of detectors in diagrams
  • Status information indicators
  • Pre-defined alarm reports
  • Simulation function
  • Extensive event and operation logging
  • Users possible

Additional Information:

Hardware and software requirements:
Pentium processor 3 GHz or higher, min. 512 MB RAM , min. 1 GB hard disk, XGA graphics card with min. 4 MB video memory, monitor with 1024 x 768 pixels or more, sound card with external speakers, Windows XP Professional SP2, Vista, Windows 7 & 8 and Windows 2003 Server, Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher.
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Scope of Delivery:
Control center software CD WINMAGplus basic package (Part No. 013610).
Please take note that for connecting one essernet is needed consisting of SEI and fire alarm system.