Windows Management System for Hazard Detection Systems
WINMAGplus has been specially developed to meet the requirements of managing and integrating hazard detection systems on a single PC platform. WINMAGplus simultaneously manages and displays graphically a number of security applications, using a common user interface including: fire detection technology; voice alarm public address; intrusion detection technology; access control technology; video technology; rescue route technology/escape door control, personnel protection systems and locating systems as well as fence monitoring systems. Apart from security systems, a multitude of building management control systems such as lighting, elevator control and fault detection systems as well as door/gate/barrier control systems can be managed and graphically displayed.

Database and user interface are designed in line with current standards: messages are displayed both graphically and in text format. WINMAGplus offers various application options, ranging from clearly displayed messages to active control of all detection devices. Based on our security networks IGIS-Loop and essernet, WINMAGplus is not only a highly professional system but also the best possible integrated visual data and management solution.

Thanks to its modular design, WINMAGplus offers suitable software for systems of any size and type of application, ranging from WINMAGplus basic package for single-station systems with one subsection being connected to the WINMAGplus multi-station system with multiple subsections being connected. Licensing enables the program options purchased and it legitimizes program use. A dongle is purchased together with a license. The dongle must be plugged into a parallel interface or into a USB port of the WINMAGplus computer. For multi-station systems, every computer that is networked must be equipped with a dongle. Workstations that are not networked do not need a dongle. The license is for one version level (until version 7). When upgrading from versions older than V6.0 to V10.0 or later, you will automatically receive a dongle. If the dongle is removed during operation, WINMAGplus runs for up to 72 hours in online mode.

Our Services for Installers:
Our WINMAGplus services include everything from entering alarm points to generating diagrams. First of all, operators are made familiar with WINMAGplus. Then we work out the specifications together with the customer and develop SIAS programs. We design complete application packages and train your personnel. Until final acceptance, we offer support for all installation processes and assist you during daily operation via a remote maintenance tool if required.

Interfaces Drivers:
Besides our security system drivers included in our product catalog, we offer a variety of drivers for all kinds of trades and manufacturers. Due to the ever-growing number of drivers, the current list of drivers can be requested when required. If the driver you need is not available, we will develop a driver geared to your requirements. Alternatively, all instruments can be connected via the standard OPC interface. This is an international standard, which is supported by a multitude of manufacturers regardless of their product lines. For developing your own drivers, we can provide you with the connection server and a developer’s package. Custom WINMAGplus drivers can thus be created.

Control center software CD WINMAGplus basic kit

Part No. 013610

WINMAGplus control centre software CD for hazard detection systems, does not include license, compatible with Windows XP prof.