WINMAGplus license - video technology


License option for WINMAG/WiINMAGplus basic software. Required if video technology equipment must be operated via WINMAG. The crossbars can execute such commands as pan, zoom, tilt, select monitor etc., depending on the model. The following video crossbars are currently supported: Ernitec M 500 and M 1000; Honeywell MaxPRO 32; Philips LTC 8x00; Fusion series II / III; Geutebrück Vicrosoft; Geutebrück Multiscope; Honeywell Fusion; HDPR series; contact your supplier for additional brands.
Additional Information:
This license may be ordered separately (as a subsequent optional update) only in conjunction with the auxiliary number 013609. The update number of the basic license must be included when ordering.

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