DVD/CD/MP3/FM/AM audio player


The X-MAP04 audio device features an integrated DVD/CD player, an MP3 player and an FM/AM tuner, as well as an USB/SD interface. The device supports two modes of operation. Mode of operation 1: DVD/USB/SD and FM/AM tuner can be operated simultaneously via two separate ports. Mode of operation 2: DVD/USB/SD and FM/AM tuner can be switched. The selected signal is transmitted via a joint port. DVD videos and JPEG are supported. The Connection to the VARIODYN D1 system is done via a cinch audio link. Suitable for 24-hour operation.
  • Two independent audio outputs for DVD / USB / SD and FM / AM Tuner
  • Two independent volumes can be set
  • A combined audio output
Outputs 1 x Cinch for FM/AM-Tuner, 1 x Cinch for DVD/USB/SD, 1 x Cinch for mixed signals
Inputs FM 75 Ω, USB-Port, SD-Port
Weight g approx. 3.8 kg
Rated voltage 230 V AC
Output voltage 2 V DC ± 0,2 V
Power consumption 13 W
Dimensions W: 482 mm H: 44 mm D: 252 mm (1 HU)
Harmonic distortion at nominal level < 0.05 %
Signal-to-noise ratio > 80 dB
Channel separation > 75 dB
Frequency band AM 531 ... 1710 kHz
Frequency band FM 87,5 ... 108 MHz