Recessed Ceiling Loudspeaker DL 06-130/T-EN54


Approval as per EN 54-24, 1438/CPD/0233

Modern ceiling installation loudspeaker in plastic-coated metal design (RAL 9010) with high efficiency and moisture-proof broadband loudspeaker chassis, certified as per EN54- 24.
DL 06-130/T-EN54 (130 mm chassis) has a maximum power of 6 W and can be modified to 3 W or 1.5 W if required. Spring clamps with cropped leg spring, increased clamp force and shortened tension distance allow you to assemble it quickly and easily. A smart inner ring mounting prevents the grille from collapsing even under high load due to environmental influences. For additional safety, this EN54-24 ceiling installation loudspeaker is equipped with a ceramic clamp and thermal fuse, and fitted with a fire dome. It has a PG16 cable outlet and blind cover. The fire dome prevents the suction action of the chimney effect with suspended ceilings in case of fire, after some of the loudspeaker membrane has been burnt through.

Loading capacity
6 W
Transformer power taps
6 / 3 / 1,5 W
Sensitivity EN 54-24, 1 W / 1 m
93.5 dB
Sensitivity EN 54-24, 1 m
101.3 dB
Transmission range
350 ... 13.800 Hz
Dispersion angle
180° (H), 180° (V)
Ambient temperature
-20 °C ... 80 °C
white, similar to RAL 9010
approx. 1.17 kg
Ceiling opening
(Ø min.) 165 mm
ø: 180 mm D: 106 mm