Sound Projector DA-S 20-130/T EN54


Approval as per EN 54-24, 1438/CPD/0234
The DA-S 20-130/T-EN54 sound projector with a 130-mm broadband loudspeaker chassis has high stability, is high-performance and certified as per EN54-24. Due to its good speech intelligibility, this sound projector is especially suitable for applications in corridors and work floors. Equipped with ceramic clamps and thermal fuse, the sound projectors meet the highest safety requirements. The sound projector has a maximum power of 20 W and can also be modified to 15 W, 10 W and 5 W. The chassis's of the sound projectors are best protected against humidity due to their special construction choice of material and production details. The DA-S sound projector with IP65 are completely made of robust aluminum and additionally plastic-coated with RAL 9010. Corrosion can thus not occur. Optionally, you can get a mast bracket (Part No. 581281) for the DA-S 20-130/T-EN54 for a mast diameter of about 200 mm.

Loading capacity
20 W
Transformer power taps
20 / 15 / 10 / 5 W
Sensitivity EN 54-24, 1 W / 1 m 92.1 dB
Sensitivity EN 54-24, max 1 m
105.4 dB
Transmission range
800 ... 16.700 Hz
Dispersion angle
360° (H), 360° (V)
Ambient temperature
-20 °C ... 90 °C
Type of protection
IP 65
white, similar to RAL 9010
Weight approx. 2.52 kg
Ø: 150 mm D: 183 mm
Declaration of Performance 1438-CPD-0234