Measuring microphone for D1 ALR in a 5’’ recessed ceiling housing


System-tested measuring microphone for automatic volume control (ALR) of the VARIODYN® D1 system. This measuring microphone is fitted decoupled in a 5’’ ceiling mount speaker housing (construction type DL 130, incl. firedome), slots flush, and is not visible from the reflected ceiling plan. Its connection is carried out over provided 3-poled XLR plug.
  • Decoupled mounting in a ceiling loudspeaker housing
  • Easy and quick installation

Transmission range
20 ... 16000 Hz
2.5 mV
Sound level
max. 157 dB
Impedance 2000 Ω
Ambient temperature -10 °C ... 55 °C
approx. 1 kg
Dimensions Ø: 180 mm D: 135 mm