Contact interface module CIM


Part of EN 54-16 approval

The CIM (Contact Interface Module) is used as an interface of VARIODYN® D1 system for the connection of 8 control contacts. The 8 control contacts can be configured as either an input or an output. Four of the eight contacts can be programmed in the input function with monitoring of connection line. A 3 m long Cat 5 cable is included to connect from CIM to the TWI input of DOM.
  • Contacts as inputs or outputs freely programmable /4 of which can be monitored
  • CAT5 cabling to DOM
  • Mounting by mounting to the DIN-track possible
  • Connection of different trades possible via CIM

Additional Information:
Control contacts are listed as open-collector.
Outputs 36 V DC / 50 mA
Inputs max. 36 V
Weight g approx. 310 g

Air humidity 15 ... 90 %
Ambient temperature -5 °C ... 55 °C
Dimensions W: 105 mm H: 40 mm D: 105 mm
Declaration of Performance DoP-2099713070