Fire Brigade Call Station DCSF7


Part of EN 54-16 approval

The Digital Fire Brigade Call Station DCSF7 serves to dial and start pre-configured alarm text messages and to broadcast voice announcements by the fire brigade.
This call station is designed for the use in Austria. The buttons are labeled in German language, but can easily be replaced in local language.
The Digital Fire Brigade Call Station DCSF7 is used along with ENS VARIODYN D1 and contains a hand-held microphone with talk button, operation/display elements and an inbuilt loudspeaker for acoustic microphone monitoring and the acoustic error message to be broadcast.
All other features, including the redundant cabling are as per the DCS and DSCF call stations.

  • Five freely-programmable buttons for alarms
  • One freely configurable button for the all-clear signal
  • One button for resetting/acoustics
  • Three integrated LED (Operation, Fault, Occupied)
  • Hand-held microphone with cardioid characteristics and PTT talk button
  • Optional fiber optic connection for distances of up to 2000 m
  • EN 54-16 certified
Operating voltage
24 V DC
Manual microphone, cardoid characteristic, Push-To-Talk (PTT) button
1 W
Sample rate
48 kHz
AD/DA converter
24 Bit
Current consumption
< 150 mA
Ambient temperature
-5 °C ... 55 °C
red, similar to RAL 3000 (housing)
white, similar to RAL 9002 (key pad)
approx. 2 kg
W: 200 mm H: 300 mm D: 55 mm
Declaration of Performance
  • 583316.21 LWL-Converter-Central
  • 583317.21 LWL-Converter-communication unit
  • 583318 Replacement-Key caps (VPE 12 pieces)