Digital Call Station DCS15 redundant


Part of the EN 54-16 approval

In many installation codes it is necessary to have redundancy in critical signal routes like speaker cables (Loop or AB cabling), between fire panel and the PAVA system. In some installation codes this includes also the connection to the fire men paging microphone. If the connection is lost, there is no way for any live announcement to people which are potentially or actually in high danger. Our paging station supports redundant cable connections to two separate Comprio with Ethernet (not standalone version of Comprio) or DOM. This means it is possible to connect two (CAT5) cables to one paging station providing redundant operation. For redundant operation, two cables (CAT5) connected to one paging microphone are needed. The digital paging microphone DCS15 RE serves for the selection of loudspeaker circuits and for setting off speech announcements as well as various gong or alarm sounds. It features 12 freely configurable keys, 13 LED's and a gooseneck microphone. The paging microphone is connected with our DAL (Digital Audio Link) bus to a Comprio or DOM by a standard CAT5 cable. All audio signals and all control signals are transmitted digitally. The function of the microphone of the digital paging microphone is permanently acoustically monitored. The DCS15 RE also provides an external audio input and output which can be used for connecting audio devices such as CD players. Up to four DAL bus links can be connected to a DOM. Every DCS in the system can simultaneously generate and receive different voice transmissions and control signals. A digital paging microphone can be offset up to 300 m by means of a CAT5 cable. Extension to a greater distance is possible with fiber optic (FO) cables - see respective FO converters which are needed additionally. A redundant connection with FO cables can be be achieved. If more keys and/or LEDs are needed, it is possible to add up to six digital key modules (DKM18), which allows the increase of the total number of available keys and LEDs to 120 per call station.

  • High failure safety due to redundant transmission route
  • Cost-effective CAT5 cabling
  • Elektret gooseneck microphone with cardioid pattern
  • Permanent monitoring of the microphone and cable
  • Loudspeaker for monitoring and for intercom operation between other paging stations (DCS series)
  • 24-bit AD/DA converter
  • Independent additional audio input/output e.g. for audioplayer
  • 12 freely configurable keys with independent programmable LED
  • A separate LED, programmable in yellow or red
  • Can be used redundantly as well as non-redundantly

Additional information:

The digital communication may be embedded in the surface of a table, for which a table mounting kit per unit is required.
In order to protect from unintentional key strokes, a transparent key cap is available. In this way pressing of keys is only possible with open caps. However, through one of these caps three horizontally arranged keys can be protected.

Scope of delivery:

A 3 m long CAT5 cable for connecting the digital communication unit to a wall jack, is included in delivery.

Audio output:
Nominal level 0 dBu
Transmission range
20 ... 22000 Hz

Nominal level
0 dBu
Common technical data:

Microphone Elektret, cardoid characteristic
Swan-neck 250 mm
Loudspeaker 1 W
Sample rate 48 kHz
AD/DA converter 24 Bit
Current consumption < 70 mA
Ambient temperature -5 °C ... 55 °C
Air humidity 15 ... 90 %
Color black, similar to RAL 9005 (side frames)
gray, similar to RAL 7037 (middle body)
Weight approx. 1.6 kg
Dimensions W: 123 mm H: 71 mm D: 180 mm
Declaration of Performance DoP-20997130701
  • 583506 Digital push-button module DKM 18 for redundant call stations
  • 583311 Keyboard protection for call station DCS VARIODYN D1
  • 583507 Installation kit for redundant DCS
  • 583318 Substitute key caps (PU 12 pieces)