Digital Call Station DCS plus


Part of EN 54-16 approval

The digital call station DCS plus allow the selection of loudspeaker circuits, the transmission of voice announcements as well as various gongs and alarms. The digital call station is connectable via a standard CAT5 cable to the VARIODYN D1 control devices DOM and Comprio. All control signals, up to four simultaneous audio signals and the power supply are transmitted. This connection can be done by single or redundant cabling up to 300 m away. It can be increased to 20 Kilometers by using fiber-optic cabling. The digital call station DCS plus can be expanded with up to six digital keyboard modules DKM plus, whereby the total number of available keys and LEDs increases to 120 per communication station. The function of the microphone and the cable connection is permanently monitored. The DCS plus provides an additional external audio input and output, which can be used to connect audio devices such as CD players. A 3 m long CAT5 cable to connect the digital call station to a wall jack is included.

  • High failure safety due to redundant transmission route
  • Cost-effective CAT5 cabling
  • Electret gooseneck microphone with cardioid pattern
  • Exchangeable gooseneck microphone with protection by using a specific tool to lock/unlock
  • Permanent monitoring of the microphone and cable
  • Mechanical protection against cable disconnection
  • Build-in loudspeaker for monitoring and for intercom operation between other paging stations
  • Independent additional audio input/output e.g. for audio player
  • 12 freely configurable keys with independent programmable LEDs

Additional Information
The Digital Call Station DCS plus may be embedded in the surface of a table.

Scope of delivery
A 3 m long CAT5 cable to connect the digital call station to a wall jack is included in delivery.

Nominal level 0 dBu

Transmission range
60 ... 22000 Hz
Nominal level
0 dBu
Electret, uni-directional
400 mm
Sample rate
48 kHz
AD/DA converter
24 Bit
Current consumption
< 70 mA
Ambient temperature
-5 °C ... 55 °C
Air humidity
15 ... 95 %
Black, similar to RAL 9005
approx. 1.42 kg

W: 200 mm H: 49.4 mm D: 200 mm
  • 583526 Digital Key Module DKM plus