Digital Key Module DKM plus


Part of EN 54-16 approval

The Digital Key Module DKM plus offer 18 freely configurable keys and 18 LEDs. Up to six Digital Key Module DKM plus can be connected to a Digital Call Station DCS plus. This allows communication stations with up to 120 keys and 120 LEDs.

  • Daisy chain cabling from DCS plus to one or more DKM plus
  • Mechanical connection to DCS plus and further DKM plus
  • Connections to DKM Plus are monitored by the DCS Plus

Additional Information
The Digital Call Station DCS plus may be embedded in the surface of a table.

Ambient temperature
-5 °C ... 55 °C
Air humidity
15 ... 95 %
Black, similar to RAL 9005
approx. 1.22 kg
W: 200 mm H: 49.4 mm D: 200 mm