DC/DC converter output voltage 12 V DC


Approval: VdS

The converter provides a galvanically isolated 12 V power supply for a detector for special applications. The input voltage is 12 V, and it is supplied from the fire alarm control panel or from an external PSU. The module can be integrated into the 120240, 788600, 788601, 788603, 788650.10, or 788651.10 enclosures. When planning the project, please pay attention to primary (12 V) current drain in case of a mains failure.

  • Galvanic isolation of DC voltage potentials
  • Voltage interface, for instance for 12 V DC operation of couplers in an 8010 Series 3 extinguishing system.
  • Connecting terminals up to 1.5 mm²
  • short-circuit proof

Additional Information:
The module can also be used in explosion endangered zones for the galvanic separation of the esserbus voltage supply.