Digital Output Module DOM4-24


Part of EN 54-16 approval

The DOM (Digital Output Module) is the central control element of VARIODYN D1. It has interfaces to all input/output assemblies, administers, and monitors the loudspeaker circuits for voice alarm systems and electro-acoustic emergency warning system per EN 60849 and EN 50849. Large or complex system configurations can be implemented through the networking of multiple DOMs via Ethernet. The DOM offers a high level of automatic and constant monitoring as standard. All connected power amplifiers are permanently monitored by the DOM and if.a power amplifier becomes faulty, it can be replaced dynamically by a backup amplifier or a backup amplifier channel. The switchover is done automatically by the DOM. The loudspeaker lines are permanently monitored for short circuit, ground fault, and failure as well as impedance deviation. Faulty loudspeaker zones are separated in a non-reacting manner. A DOM contains storage capacity for preset announcements, which can be used for alarm texts and signals (escape alarm, caution signal) and warning signals (gongs). The volume of each source and each amplifier channel can be controlled. Additional filters like parametric equalizer, high-and low pass filter are available. All errors are recognized, displayed and recorded within few seconds meeting the standards. For special applications such as e.g. tunnel, a delay in all four channels can be programmed up to 9.9 sec. With the new Firmware it is now possible to connect up to 400 units and get advantage of the new logical functions which makes it much easier and efficient to configure the DOM. The control unit DOM4-24 is equipped with 4 independent amplifier channels in order to operate 24 loudspeaker areas or 4 loudspeaker circuits in VARIODYN D1 loop technology. There is also the option of mixing loop and spur technology with a DOM

  • Compliant with EN 60849 and EN 50849
  • EN 54-16 certified
  • 16 audio slots giving a total of 1 hour memory
  • 4 independent amplifier channels suitable for use with spurs, zones or loop technology. Built in parametric equalizer, compressor limiter and delay function (up to 9.9 seconds)
  • All functions of an alarm and evacuation system
  • Network into a large system via Ethernet connection
  • Offers full monitoring of the system functions
  • Automatic and dynamic switching to redundant emergency amplifiers
  • Automatic volume control (AVC) even during announcements
  • Remote monitoring and configuration via the network
  • 24 V DC emergency power supply
Audio output:
Output type
Nominal level
0 dBu
max. Outputlevel
< 6 dBu
Transmission range
20 ... 20000 Hz
Harmonic distortion at nominal level
< 0.03 % @ 1 kHz
Signal/Noise ratio
> 70 dB/75 dB (A)
Harmonic distortion at nominal level
> 5 kΩ, < 500 pF
Sensor Input (AVC):

Input type
Nominal level
-51 dBu
Nominal level for emergency telephone station
0 dBu
Transmission range
100 ... 8000 Hz
Harmonic distortion at nominal level
< 0.02 % @ 1 kHz
Signal/Noise ratio
> 60 dB/65 dB (A)
Load impedance
typ. 200 Ω
Common technical data:
0 dBu
Rated voltage
90 .. 264 V AC
Rated frequency
47 ... 63 Hz
Emergency power supply 24 V DC
Power consumption
50 / 80 W (@230 V, w/o / with 4 x DAL)
Contact load relay
100 V DC/1 A
Ambient temperature -5 °C ... 55 °C
Dimensions W: 483 mm H: 44 mm D: 349 mm (1 HU, 19")
Air humidity 15 ... 90 % (non-condensing)
Weight approx. 6.8 kg
Declaration of Performance DoP-20997130701
  • 583452.21 Cable for cabinet rear panel of DOM4-24
  • 583486A Patch cable CAT5 , 1 m yellow (Ethernet)
  • 583487A Patch cable CAT5 , 2 m yellow (Ethernet)
  • 583488A Patch cable CAT5 , 3 m yellow (Ethernet)
  • 583496 End of line module (EOL)
  • 581316 Microphone, for AVC
  • 583703 Mounting set 1
  • 583342 Loop Isolator Module
  • 583708.HO Ventilation panel, 1 HU with Honeywell logo
  • 583477.21 Output cable 2 amplifier DOM
  • 583491A CAT5 patch cable, 0,5 m green