Loop Isolator Module LIM


Approval: EN 54-17

Loop Isolator Module to install a short-circuit and open-circuit tolerant 100 V loudspeaker loop wiring system in VARIODYN D1 loop technology. The modules monitor the current on the loudspeaker ring and disconnect in case of over-current, e.g. in the case of short-circuit, the defective part of the ring from the rest. Loop failures are displayed on DOM and VCM. Each module has a total of three two-pole terminals to connect the loop wiring system and the speakers. Wires can be connected with a section of up to 2.5 mm² to the terminals. Furthermore, a LED of its operating condition is on each module. The Loop Isolator module is housed in a stable, compact IP 66 housing with more of wiring space and is can be use in projects with difficult environmental condition, e.g. industrial use.

  • Much higher safety compared to spur cabling
  • Fully redundant 100 V loop wiring system technology
  • Extensive topologies are possible
  • Short-circuit and wire break tolerant
  • EN 54-17 certified
  • Large saving in wiring and installation

Additional Information:
Please consider that the 4XD125B is not compatible with the loop technology!

CE certificate 0786-CPD-21149
Weight kg approx. 0.22 kg
Channel separation > 75 dB
Harmonic distortion at nominal level @ 1 kHz
Power consumption 0.15 W
Type of protection IP 66 (housing)
Ambient temperature -20 °C ... 65 °C
Dimensions W: 114 mm H: 114 mm D: 57 mm
Power amplifier
Max. LIM number
Max. loop length incl. spurs
2XD250 40 1000
2XD400 64 1000
4XD250B 25 500
4XD300 40 1000
4XD500 50 1000