Mains Switching Unit MSU


Part of EN 54-16 approval

The power panel MSU (Mains Switching Unit) is used to secure the power supply of all VARIODYN® D components that are installed in a cabinet. In addition, it offers a connector for connecting a service PC for local / network-wide maintenance purposes.

Each of up to three phases that will be charged max. A 18. The overload switch automatically releases the current, but can also be used for manual switching of the power supply.

The operating state is indicated by green indicator lights. The switch position can be evaluated via auxiliary contacts. A front-mounted 230 V mains connector and an RJ45 jack are provided for connecting a service PC.
  • Approved as per EN 54-16
  • Three 18 A overload switch with control contacts and indicator light
  • For maintenance purposes IEC and Ethernet port for connecting a service PC
  • The three terminals for auxiliary change-over per overload switch
  • Up to four devices can be connected per overload switch
  • Plastic cover of the keys

Additional Information
This unit does not protect against neutral conductor interruption. If this is not done on customer side, you
need to include accessory Part No. 584970 and 584971. An electrical professional is needed to connect
this item to mains power.

Rated current
18 A
Operating life
10.000 cycles
Changeover contact
Contact load AC 250 V, max. 4 A
Contact load DC 24 V, max 4 A
Ambient temperature
-5 °C ... 55 °C
approx. 4.2 kg
Air humidity 15 ... 90 % (non-condensing)
W: 483 mm H: 44 mm D: 345 mm (1 HU, 19")

Declaration of Performance
  • 583703 mounting set 1

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