VARIODYN D1 Comprio 4-8 net (with Ethernet)


Part of EN 54-16 approval

Comprio is the central control panel of a VARIODYN D1 system for small and medium sized projects. When combined with the 4XD125B or 4XD250B four channel amplifiers, they provide a complete voice alarm system for projects such as schools and small hotels. The emergency power supply is integrated into the 4XD125B and 4XD250B four channel amplifiers. The system is compliant with voice alarm standards and elector-acoustic emergency warning systems DIN VDE 0833-4, EN 60849 and EN 50849.
All amplifiers are permanently monitored and in the case of a fault a backup amplifier can automatically replace it. If a 4XD125B or 4XD250B amplifier is used it is possible to use three channels to power the speaker zones and use the fourth channel as a backup amplifier. All loudspeaker zones are permanently monitored for short circuit, ground fault, failures and impedance deviation. Faulty loudspeaker zones are separated in a non-reactive manner. Any errors are recognized, displayed and recorded within seconds, ensuring all relevant standards are met. The Comprio control panel contains storage capacity pre-recorded audio messages which can be used for alarm texts and signals (evacuation alarm/ all clear signals) and caution signals (gongs). The volume of each source and each amplifier channel can be controlled. Additional filters such as parametric equalizer, high-and low pass filter can be programmed. For special applications such as tunnels a delay is available of to 9.9 seconds can be programmed. The Comprio control panel can be connected to four independent amplifier channels to operate a total of eight loudspeaker zones or four loudspeaker rings in VARIODYN D1 loop technology. It is also possible to mix spur and loop technology.
The Comprio further features 12 contact inputs, of which eight can be programmed with supervision, 8 potential-free relay outputs, one audio line out and up to 2 audio line in ports, and / or up to 3 microphone inputs, 3 DAL connections, and one TWI port. This version features an Ethernet connection to other Ethernet capable devices of the VARIODYN D1 family. Additional accessories like the handheld microphone, housing, cable, call station etc. must be ordered separately.

  • One hour audio memory (flash)
  • 4 channel parametric equalizer, compressor/limiter and delay (up to 9.9 seconds)
  • Loudspeaker LOOP support
  • EN 54-16 certified
  • Compliant with EN 60849 and EN 50849
  • All functions of an alarm and evacuation system
  • Networkable via Ethernet, build in 4 port switch
  • Permanent monitoring of all functions
  • Automatic and dynamic switching of back up amplifier
  • Automatic volume control (AVC) even also during announcements
  • Remote monitoring and configuration via network
  • Two monitored 24 V DC power supply inputs
  • 12 contact inputs (8 of which can be monitored)
  • 8 relay outputs
  • 1 audio output and 2 audio inputs
  • 3 DAL port
  • 1 TWI port
Transmission range
20 ... 20000 Hz
Load impedance
typ. 200 Ω
Harmonic distortion at nominal level
< 0.03 %
Ambient temperature
-5 °C ... 55 °C
Air humidity
15 ... 90 %
Dimensions W: 483 mm H: 133 mm D: 345 mm (3 HE, 19")
Storage temperature -10 °C ... 60 °C
Declaration of Performance DoP-00376130701
Weight approx. 5.7 kg
  • 583708.HO Ventilation panel 1 HU with Honeywell logo
  • 583308 Handheld microphone for VARIODYN D1 Comprio
  • 583441.10 Backup cable RC41 VARIODYN D1
  • 583414 Cable set 24 V DC-VARIODYN D1 Comprio / 4XD125B or 4XD250B
  • 581732 Battery 12 V / 65 Ah
  • 581340 Periphery clamp for top-hat rail
  • 583466A Patch cable CAT5, 0.5 m gray (periphery)
  • 583467A Patch cable CAT5, 1 m gray (periphery)
  • 583469A Patch cable CAT5, 3 m gray (periphery)
  • 583483 Patch cable CAT5, 3 m blue (DAL)
  • 583451.21 Cable for cabinet rear panel DOM4-8
  • 583477.21 Output cable 2 amplifier DOM
  • 583491 Input cable DOM amplifier, 0.5 m green
  • 583496 End-of-line module (EOL)
  • 581310 Measuring microphone for D1 AVC in a 5” recessed ceiling housing
  • 581316 Microphone, for AVC
  • 583703 Mounting set 1
  • 583332 Overvoltage protection for UIM contacts

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