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General Information
Industrial image Industrial
In terms of fire prevention monitoring systems, industrial applications require individual solutions that can be employed in a diverse range of situations. The following short film will shed some light on the possible solutions.
en 54 video image EN 54

See a short presentation for the installation of wall mount and ceiling mount devices.

Honeywell Fire Safety References

Honeywell offers individual solutions for all kind of projects. Regardless of which type of building, with the range of our products we will find the perfect solution also for your requirements.

Have a look to some representative projects all over Europe – realized with different Honeywell products.

Fire Alarm Systems

MORLEY DXc 5 simple steps
High performance meets compactness. This economical and easy to use fire alarm system is designed to help both the installer and the end user.

Key Features
• Easy set-up - 5 button clicks for a working fire Alarm system

FAAST - new technology in aspiration systems
The market for aspiration detection is changing. Once the remit of clean rooms and data centres, it is now becoming the technology of choice for industrial locations, airports, warehouses, shopping developments and even power generation and nuclear facilities. This is thanks to sophisticated filtration and optics technologies which deliver high sensitivity detection with the highest levels of false alarm immunity, opening the door to many other applications where smoke detection was difficult or impossible.
ES Detect Video Image ES Detect - much more than a conventional detector
ES Detect is a microprocessor controlled non addressable fire detector setting new scales for use in conventional areas: in addition to intelligent algorithm for early detection the innovative product has an integrated drift compensation. The DIN 14675 demanded operation time of the detector can thus be extended from 5 to 8 years.
Smoke Detector IQ8Quad OTG - Optical smoke detector with innovative CO gas sensor technology
OTG Benefits: Optical smoke detector with innovative CO gas sensor technology; Reliable alarm decision – reduced false alarms; High safety standard (e.g. evacuation in accommodation establishments; International Certifications; “Designed in Germany.”

Smoke Detectors IQ8Quad OTblue - Ideal replacement for ionization smoke detectors
OTblue Benefits: Ideal replacement for ionization smoke detectors; Innovative “Blue” sensor technology; Reliable alarm decision – reduced false alarms; Wireless variant and extensive accessories; International Certifications; “Designed in Germany.”

Smoke Detector IQ8Quad O²T - More than a smoke detector
Benefits: Reliable alarm decision – reduced false alarms; Built-in alarm devices (flash / sound / speech); Wireless variant and extensive accessories; International Certifications; "Designed in Germany.”
19-inch-rack_FACP_FlexES Control
The 19” rack concept for installation in an upright cabinet ensures that the FlexES control components and necessary peripherals can be installed in such a way that they are easy to service and save on space.
ENscape Conventional Audible Visual Devices
The ENscape AV range doesn’t just offer regulatory compliance to new EN54-23 Standards for Audible Visual Alarm Devices; it enhances on-site safety for all building occupants and delivers fast and intuitive installation. Devices are designed to deliver outstanding omni-directional light and sound performance combined with high quality, reliability and extended operational life.
Fire Control Transponder
The FCT (Fire Control Transponder) is used for the monitoring and operation of fire control systems such as ventilation, pressure monitor pumps, extinguishing agent sprinklers, fire dampers, smoke control flaps, elevators and many more. Take a look!
Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems

DOM (Digital Output Module) is the central control element of VARIODYN D1, Honeywell’s product for Public Address and
Voice Alarm System.

In this video you can see the different types of DOMs and examples of use.

ETCS call station - all in one video

Whether in hospitals, shopping malls or airports, the new ETCS offers increased and more convenient functionalities thanks to forward-thinking technology. For example, the call station can read audio files via its USB slot and offers local data storage for up to 27 hours of speech or audio. Voice messages can be recorded, saved and played. For employees, the ETCS means less training efforts. It is easy to use for everyone, amongst others because it can be operated intuitively via its big 7“ touch screen, just like a smart phone. Favorites can be arranged user-specific on the start screen, so that the mostly used functions are available at the first glance. And last but not least the ETCS offers maximum failure safety thanks to the redundant cable connection to the Ethernet network, powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet) devices through the Ethernet cable. Thus, the system is monitored permanently via the network. Fault indications are recognized and signaled immediately